Luna Soapstone is exclusively offered here at Natural Stone Source.
Soapstone is a naturally quarried stone that is made up of many minerals, one being talc, which gives it that soft "soapy" feel.
Here at Natural Stone Source we offer soapstone is 2 different finishes. A honed finish which is a unpolished surface, making it have that matte sleek look. Then there is the Leathered finish which is a textured finish without the polish.

Soapstone is available in a dark grey, to a blueish greenish gray with light or dramatic veining. As soapstone ages it will achieve a beautiful patina look.

The homeowner can choose to keep the stone in its natural state, or choose to oil it which will enhance the stones color.
Soapstone is a non-porus stone and very durable, making it suitable for all applica


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