How material gets to us


When sourcing material here at Natural Stone Source we strive in bringing the highest quality material in to our show rooms, whether that be vacuumed sealed material, or slabs with an exceptional polish. 

~Picking Material
Green Fire island with Black Pearl surround 
  • When it comes time to order new or more material we try to get together as a team and pick materials/colors that we think will be appealing to our customers & sell well. A few colors that you will always find here at Natural Stone Source will be Taj Mahal & Bianco carrera. A main reason why we always try to stock these 2 colors is because they sell very well in our area, and customers are constantly calling/ coming in & looking for these. We also try to bring in a few of those bold colors, such as greens, and blues. Many of our customers like having that statement piece for an island or a wall feature in their shower.    

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  • Once the colors/material has been selected they then get loaded onto a shipping container. Most containers can hold any where from 6-8 bundles, depending on the thickness we choose to get in. Once the container is shipped out it usually takes about 60 days for the material to get to the port, from there the container will go through customs for an examination. An examination can typically take a few days. Once we get the all clear the container is then transported to our shop & ready for unloading. 

~Unloading a container
  • When a container gets delivered to us its almost like Christmas day all over again here at the store. While taking the upmost care, our warehouse guys then carefully unload each bundle one by one. The bundles are then taken apart, slabs are wiped down and distributed along the show room floor, as well as our 2 other locations. A label will then be made that will state the name of the slab, price per slab, square foot cost & what the material is. 

Once this process is completed the material is all ready to sell. Are customers can expect to see any new and incoming material on our website under the coming soon tab, or new arrivals. We are constantly bringing in new material ready for fabrication, so we advise our customers to keep checking in. 


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