Porcelain Slabs


Are you in the process of a bathroom or kitchen remodel, and you like the porcelain tile but don't want to deal with all the grout lines? This is where porcelain slabs come in to play! with very minimal grout lines, and a variety of colors to choose from, it makes for a really clean and sleek look. 
Blue Del Belgio 
The porcelain slabs we offer here at Natural Stone Source come in a variety of different colors, and 2 thicknesses such as 10.5 mm & 14.5 mm. As far as colors go we have colors ranging from your basic all white to your all grey with the white lightning bolt veining. 

Where can porcelain slabs be used?
- Porcelain slabs can be used for shower walls, flooring, and even kitchen/bathroom counter-tops. Many customers like the idea of not having to deal with any grout lines on their flooring or their shower walls.  
Classic Onyx kitchen counter top, with a water fall edge
How durable are porcelain slabs?
-The durability of porcelain slabs pulls it apart from any natural stones as well as quartz slabs. Porcelain slabs are heat resistant, and wont scratch. Where as quartz will burn if a very hot pan is placed directly onto the surface. 

How to maintain porcelain?
- A regular cleaning with warm soapy water will highlight the features of the surface, as well as giving it an exceptional shine to showcase the material. Porcelain slabs don't need to be sealed, once you install the material you're pretty much good to go. 

Porcelain tile Shower with grout lines
Porcelain Shower with slabs 


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